Advanced map-making with Dungeondraft for Foundry VTT and others.

About Baileywiki


Battlemaps are all good, but I'm interested in creating useful, rich maps where your players will spend lots of time (like inns or shops), and flexible, modular assets that you can use again and again in your Virtual Table Top (VTT) games. I'm not talking about modular dungeons, but rather mansions your PCs can conquer and renovate, sailing ships that you can level up and expand, and elemental portals you can change with a mouse click.

Imagine a tavern with an entrance to a dungeon hidden in the basement. Or is it a shrine to a blood god? Or a teleportation room? How about all three? Imagine letting your players clear out a dilapidated mansion or castle, and then designing their own rooms once they've conquered it.

Or drop that Galleon or Airship on any map, fully to spec.

Most of my base maps are free, and I'm sure they will bring you great pride when you unleash them on your players. But the expanded functionality is available to patrons and I hope will lead to many weeks of fun and surprises for your crew.

Btw, I blend a special alchemy of Dungeondraft and Foundry VTT in my world, so if you use either of those platforms, you'll find a whole lot of extra perks beyond all the great maps.

Welcome to the project. If you like it, you can support my work and get lots of free stuff at my Patreon.

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